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Priest lvl70 Empty Priest lvl70

Post by Individu on Sun Mar 23, 2008 3:35 pm

Hello. This is my second apply because u told me to to make new one when i imrpove my gear and now i did .

- Character Name:Individual

- Class:Priest

- Current talent spec:Holy 21/40/0

- Nationality:Bulgaria

- Age:20

- Occupation (what you do):Working

- What is your ongame activity?
Evryday from 17:00 till 00:00

Our raids take place at 19.30/20.00st and ends 23.00/00.00st are you able to join at those times?

What role you see yourself filling in raids? As a good healer and friendly guild mate which is always able to help to ppl that want
- What Addons do you consider essential for your class?
ahh much Smile Smile Smile

- Which guild's were you in before?
Well i am migrate before 1 monts here from server Talnivar here i was in Last Man Standing.

What is your raiding expirience, both TBC and before TBC?
Before TBC aq20 aq40some bosses Onyxia zg, Mc Bwl and Naxx 1-2bosses
After TBC i have calared Karazhan ZA,Grull Maggy SSC till Vasjh and Tk till Keal`thas

How do you plan to grind for consumables?
Froh the AH or some RL friends are with Alchemy proffesion and they might give me some potions and flask

Why it is that you want to join Incarcerated?
I want to find nice guild that is friendly and doing some good PvE

What are you looking for in a guild, what do you expect from it?
Well new freind`s some fun in Pve Wink

- Armory link

Well i hope this time apply in like u Wink


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Priest lvl70 Empty Re: Priest lvl70

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 24, 2008 1:17 am

WTB armory link to PvE gear.
Also why are you not member of LMS anymore?


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Priest lvl70 Empty Re: Priest lvl70

Post by gronk on Thu Mar 27, 2008 5:49 am

He still is and aplying to most guilds atm lol!


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Priest lvl70 Empty Re: Priest lvl70

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