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Post by Nabhead on Tue May 06, 2008 2:06 pm

- Character Name: Nabhead
- Class: Shadow Priest
- Current talent spec:12/0/49
- Nationality: Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Age:
- Occupation (what you do): Student

- Attunements? all heroics and the rest of them is taken out with 2.4

- What is your ongame activity? from around 14:00/19:25-00:00
- Our raids take place at 19.30/20.00st and ends 23.00/00.00st are you able to join at those times? Yes
- What role you see yourself filling in raids? Dps and mana regen Cool
- What Addons do you consider essential for your class? Shackle watch,Omen...(will get the required addons if needed)

Which guild's were you in before?<Stigla Voda Na Bistrik> and am still in <DinoMaFia>(please if it is possible i just want to raid with this guild and not leave <DinoMaFia> if its not possible then i will leave it...)
- What is your
raiding expirience, both TBC and before TBC? ive been raiding kara and ZA, but will learn and adapt fast on the tactics for SSC an MH.Pre Tbc i've been in
MC,BWL,AQ40 but dont remember the tactics exactly pale
- How do you plan to grind for consumables? dailys and AH rabbit
Why it is that you want to join Incarcerated? i want to join your guild because i want to be part of the high end PvE, lots of fun and meet new people and friends
- Do you know or have quested with any of us? I just know Allicee...and have no questions bounce
What are you looking for in a guild, what do you expect from it? raiding with nice people,fun,items! cheers

- Armory link (pvp gear on here...i have like 850 shadow spell dmg. in my pve gear)

Talk about yourself: Im playing wow since i was 10...then i stopped because i was too bored of it for about 3 months and started again with a new char i think its was a warrior got it to lvl 52 and then started playing on Tarren Mill with my RL friends.It is already about 1 year here i play on Tarren Mill i think Razz

pwning since lvl 1 Twisted Evil


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Shadow priest Empty Re: Shadow priest

Post by Valkerie on Tue May 06, 2008 2:55 pm

Alright . So I'll contact you ingame when I see you online and talk a little more about you and I might will consider you as trial, but then you have to prove to us that you can do the dps that is requiered and maybe farm some gear in heroics .


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