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Combat fist rogue application Empty Combat fist rogue application

Post by Gypsy1 on Wed Aug 13, 2008 5:58 am

Character Details

Character Name: Gypsy
Class: Rogue ( hooray, I posted it in the right section! )
Race:Blood Elf

Player Details ( I don't consider the next info to be "character details" )
Nationality: Dutch
Age: 27
Gender: male

Further Questions

Our raids take place at 19:00 to 23:00 (Sunday) and 20:00 to 23:00 (Monday and Thursday), are you able to join at these time?
- Generally I can join on these days and times. however there could always arouse a situation where I just cannot be there. But I will always tell that in advance..

Please state what raid experiences you have.
- I have raided Kara, Maggy, Gruul and almost entire ZA.

Can you communicate in good English?
- Yes I can, some people would even say I rattle too much in English...

We use Ventrilo for our voice communications, are you able to use this software?
- If you use a version that can be run on Mac I have no problem. If you use an old version I might have to get an old windows laptop out of the moth-balls....

Did you level your character from levels 1 to 70 on your own?
- I was behind the keyboard all the time, nobody else gained XP for me. (although I did have a few boostruns)

What are the reasons for leaving your former guild?
- Only one reason. I signed up for raiding with Good Hard Gank but so far I've only done ZA once. Nobody is arranging a raid or anything. (i don't count Kara as a real raid anymore)

What do you want to achieve from playing wow?
- I just want to get experience, and have fun trying to down bosses and all. Don't really care about loot, Badges buy lots of neat stuff nowadays..

Your armory link (write the URL in plain text):

This is a very important question, please tell us a joke:
" I hate Thunder Bluff, you can't find a good burger anywere...."
or a real joke?
- What steps would you take if a madman came rushing at you with a knife?
- Very large and hasty steps !

And finally, please tell us a little bit about yourself:

Ehm, I work for Apple and fix computers for a living. So I might be called a bit pro-Apple.
I've been playing WoW for over a year now, and still like it a lot Smile
Currently I am in between relationships and looking for a new house etc.
I consider myself to be a friendly person, but I can also whine if people don't live up to their promises.

Anything else you want to know, just ask in-game Smile
If I'm not on my main (Gypsy) I could be on my lvl 70 paladin (Amessayadina) or my low-lvl lock (hihaharrie)


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