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Combat rogue application Empty Combat rogue application

Post by Stabbyno on Sun Apr 06, 2008 4:31 pm

- Character Name: Stabbynook
- Class: Rogue
- Current talent spec: Combat fists (20/41/0) although i'm currently sub spec but this is only for pvp
- Nationality: English
- Age: 23
- Occupation (what you do): IT server technician

- Attunements?
All heroic keys apart from mgt... not going to be a problem to get ofc

- What is your ongame activity?
I'm normally home from work about 18.45 so can be online from 19.00 onwards
- Our raids take place at 19.30/20.00st and ends 23.00/00.00st are you able to join at those times?
- What role you see yourself filling in raids?
DPS and occasionally kicking stuff
- What Addons do you consider essential for your class?
omen, bigwigs, cooldown timer

- Which guild's were you in before?
Recently with this char i've been in tribal on shattered halls realm for all my raiding experience. Before then I was playing my warlock on TM in Tormented which my lock is still in and before that various guild names with mainly the same bunch of people (Talent FTW) and also brotherhood of the skull for a short while in their early days of starting ssc
I left my last guild cos of problems with certain officers
- What is your raiding expirience, both TBC and before TBC?
pre tbc
MC, onyxia, bwl, most of aq40 up to i think twins and a few bosses in naxx
kara, gruul, magtheridon, za, ssc (all cleared) all TK but kael'thas, and the 2nd boss in MH down to about 50%
- How do you plan to grind for consumables?
I grind on my warlock when i need to cause its faster with dalies etc
- Why it is that you want to join Incarcerated?
Cos there are a load of people here that I used to play with and Jimm is a ledge
Also its a better name then the last guild I was in with some of you "parallel evolution"
- Do you know or have quested with any of us?
I know quite a few from when I played on my warlock on tarren mill sorry if i forget somones name! Jimm, riddle, xhanio, malbordus, henryy, zellahh, ohnoes, and i recognise a few other names from back in the good old days.
- What are you looking for in a guild, what do you expect from it?
Fun and experience raiding with a good bunch of mates, purple pixels from bosses are just a plus
- Armory link:
Doesnt seem to work at this moment cos i only just moved to TM but my unbuffed vitals:
8.5k hp
1817 AP
28% crit
198 hit rating
fist weapons using rage from ZA
full enchanted / gemmed with the best enchants
The only bad bit of my gear is my chest which is just the assasination blue one, can only put it down to bad luck and I know my hit rating needs a bit more improvement
- Talk about yourself:
Most (all?) of the people who i've raided with i've been on my warlock before which I still play for pvp and grinding and I dont mind if you need an extra warlock at any time to bring him to raids but his gear isn't at the same level as my rogues as he's not raided much in tbc and mostly has pvp and crafted gear. Apart from playing wow i play a bit of cod4 (pc) and doing my bit for global warming driving my car burning too much petrol.


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Combat rogue application Empty Re: Combat rogue application

Post by Stabbyno on Sun Apr 06, 2008 4:34 pm

oops thought i pasted armory link: when its updated since moving to TM


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