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Destruction lock application Empty Destruction lock application

Post by Spendis on Sun Jul 27, 2008 12:56 pm

This is warlock with 1170 spell dmg, 182hit rating and 27% critical without buff. I have full experience in MH and till Bloodoil in BT, was classleader in my ex-guild, so I have already researched all the tactics in BT and MH. I am online almost everyday so there is no problem for me with the raid time, could be really hardcore. So if there is any interest you have, please send me a message in game,my character name is Spendis.
Thanks for reading this. Looking forward from your message:)


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Destruction lock application Empty Re: Destruction lock application

Post by Ryuben on Sun Jul 27, 2008 7:04 pm

Please fill out a application form properly Very Happy

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Destruction lock application Empty Application in Fourm:)

Post by Spendis on Mon Jul 28, 2008 3:15 pm

- Character Name: Spendis
- Class: Warlock
- Current talent spec: 0/21/41(full PVE)
- Nationality: China
- Age: 27
- Occupation : Study in college
- Attunements? Karazhan

- What is your ongame activity? I am online almost everyday from 13:00 to 24:00, also could be later if needed.Smile

- Our raids take place at 19.30/20.00st and ends 23.00/00.00st are you able to join at those times? No problem of this, can raid untill 1 am.

- What role you see yourself filling in raids?
I was the CL in my ex-guild, I have researched all the tactics of TBC instance in case and I also do a very good dps Wink
- What Addons do you consider essential for your class? Deadly boss mode, grid, bigwigs, dot timer & threatmeter.

- Which guild's were you in before? Easy Company.

- What is your raiding expirience, both TBC and before TBC?

Pree TBC: Full MC, ZG, AQ20, BWL.
TBC: Full kara, TK, SSC, MH, BT until bloodboil. As I mentioned before, I did researched all the tactics in TBC, no problem for me to understand what to do, just maybe a communicate with the RL:)
- How do you plan to grind for consumables? I can make flask and kinds of potions myself, also have the JC can do various of jewel.

- Why it is that you want to join Incarcerated? My ex-guild was stopped raiding since 2 mouths ago, I really enjoy the raiding and the moment when boss down. Heard that ur guild is performing a very good process in both MH and BT, so I like to be a part of u guys and get the Ilidan down.
- Do you know or have quested with any of us? I would like to know how many raid time per week?

- What are you looking for in a guild, what do you expect from it? Motivated players who expect me to do a good jobb, i expect nice progress or atleast players who wants to progress in wow and experience new stuff. And a friendly guild were ppl help each other out is always nice.

- Armory link:

-About me: Hi, I am from China but I am living and studying in Denmark now, I have played this game since 3 years ago, full experience for all the way since I started the game. I like to research the things in game and mostly in PVE, like to have friends in game. Really like to enjoy the fun with all the ppl.


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Destruction lock application Empty Re: Destruction lock application

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