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70 Bm Hunter Empty 70 Bm Hunter

Post by Grushorf on Sat Jun 14, 2008 2:10 pm

In-game Nickname: Grushorfesh

Class/Level: Hunter/70

Spec (Including x/x/x talent ratio): 40/20/0 BM

Professions: LW/Skinning

Server: Tarren Mill

Real Name: Marius Berg

Age: 19

Nationality/Location: norway

Armory-profile :

Alt Characters Above Level 60 (Name/Level/Class): TheFiddler/70/Shaman

Instance Experience (Which Encounters You Have Experienced): Kara,gruul,Magh,TK,SSC and MH(Rage Winterchill)

Playing Days And Hours (For A Typical Week): every day after 15.00 CET time

Are you willing to/can you use Ventrilo? (Voice communication through raidtime): Yes

Unbuffed Shadow Resist, this is important for Mother Shahraz: 0

Other Resistance Gear (this only applies to certain classes, you should
know if that means you): got Fire Resistance Gear that appears to be
130+/- since i was tanking Leo in Demon form!

Previous/Current Guilds/Servers: was In filth on my shaman before it merged, and have been in Hordelicious on Boulderfist!

Reason For Leaving/Wanting To Leave Previous/Current Guilds/Server: Guild is inactive and ppl are leaving

Have you got any outstanding applications with any other guild? no

Main In-Game Interests And Why (PvE/PvP/Raiding/Jumping on the
orgrimmar bank roof): farming stuff etc, raiding is what i like. always
fun to make progress etc and have fun!

What can you offer the guild? (sell yourself!) sure can sell my self for silver or 270 Bm Hunter Icon_wink hehe, but can offer Team work, help out with stuff and can offer great dps 70 Bm Hunter Icon_smile


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70 Bm Hunter Empty Re: 70 Bm Hunter

Post by Whelp on Sun Jun 15, 2008 6:27 am

I'll speak to you ingame.
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