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Shadow Destruction Warlock Empty Shadow Destruction Warlock

Post by Drdot / on Fri May 09, 2008 6:53 pm

Character Information
Nick: Drdot
Alt: Xyliaz (70 Rogue)
Class: Female Undead Warlock
Spec: (Shadow Destruction)
Professions: Enchanting & Herbalism & First Aid
Realm: Tarren Mill
IRL Name: Mikko
Age: 19 (10/02-89)
IRL Location: Denmark

Equipment (Unbuffed Stats)
Health: 9424
Mana: 9234
Spell Damage: 901 (1031 Fel Armor)
Spell Hit Rating: 6.34% (80 Rating)
Spell Crit Rating: 20.51% (230 Rating)
Spell Haste Rating: 0% (0 Rating)
Spell Penetration: 0

Raid Experians
(20 Man) Zul'Gurub Cleared
(20 Man) The Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj Cleared
(40 Man) Moten Core Cleared
(40 Man) Blackwing Lair Cleared
(40 Man) Onyxia's Lair Cleared
(40 Man) The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Cleared up to Twins
(40 Man) Naxxramas Killed Anub'Rekhan & Instructor Razuvious
(10 Man) Karazhan Cleared
(25 Man) Gruul's Lair Cleared
(25 Man) Magtheridon's Lair Cleared
(25 Man) Serpentshrine Cavern Cleared "All Expect Lady Vashj"
(25 Man) The Eye Cleared "All Expect Kael'thas Sunstrider"

Ashes (Dunemaul) PreTBC - Played Alliance Holy Priest
Never Ending (Tarren Mill) TBC - Played Alliance Holy Priest
Fate has Fans (Tarren Mill) TBC - Played Alliance Shadow Priest
The Noble Europeans (Tarren Mill) TBC - Played Alliance Shadow Priest
Rush (Tarren Mill) TBC - Played Alliance Shadow Priest
Bloody Infantry (Tarren Mill) TBC - Played Alliance Shadow Priest (Guild & Raid Leader)
Concidence (Frostmane) TBC - Played Horde Rogue (Officer & Raid Leader)
Hunters of Men (Frostwhisper) TBC - Played Horde Rogue
Good Hard Gank (Tarren Mill) TBC - Played Horde Warlock
* Some others guilds that i can't remember the names off or didn't was in for so long isn't named.

About Me
As you maybe can see out from the other Information, i have been playing Both Priest and Rogue. The reason why i decided to reroll Horde was because some of my mates fron The Noble Europeans all rerolled Horde, and some of my real life friends did aswell. I then decided to take a set away from PVE on my Rogue and moved to Frostmane to Start on PVP. After a while i begin to miss PVE again, and started to do some PVE on my Rogue. I kinda farmed Full PVE Gear from Badges/Heroics/Karazhan in no time. Then i begin to gear my "crappy" geared Warlock up abit and found out that Rogue wasn't my call in PVE. I'm now farmed Heroics and Raiding as much as possible on my Warlock to get some gear, since i doesn't really have the "best best in the world". The reason why I'm here on Tarren Mill is because of alot of IRL mates and old mates from the Alliance stil is here. (Btw here is a link to my Rogue's gear, Its normaly in PVP Gear on armory -)

Why Me? Why Incarcerated?
Well, first of all. The reason why I wanna join Incarcerated is because i cba to just Raid Pug instances like Karazhan/Zul'Aman and Gruul. I wanna try something new like Mount Hyjal & Black Temple whenever i get the gear for it. I ofc know that my gear atm Isn't anywhere near able to raid BT/MH but that can change. I also have a mate that just joined the Guild called Zaajc. Played together with him since Dunemaul PreTBC, and also a good real life friend of mine. Always one of my other very good mates have also applicated to the Guild, and hope to meet him in the Guild. A warrior called Xnni.
Now, why should you invite me when you can get a better geared then me? I'm a friendly guy and I can take a joke and like to have fun and be serious at the same time while I'm raiding. I getting better and better gear all the time. I'm willing to spent gold on Flasks/Elixirs/Pots and Respecs, whatever there is needed of me. I'm a active person and kinda have the gold always to come to every Raid where I'm needed, expect if there Is a very good reason.

I hope you hear from you, if there is anything else that you wanna know about me, just concact me ingame or here.
Regards Mikko - Drdot

Drdot /

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Shadow Destruction Warlock Empty Re: Shadow Destruction Warlock

Post by Valkerie on Sun May 11, 2008 3:33 pm

Nice application tbh, if we need a lock, give him a chance. he got my vote


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Shadow Destruction Warlock Empty Links

Post by Drdot / on Tue May 13, 2008 10:05 am

I can see that my links to CTProfiles haven't been posted for some reason, and stil can't post them, so you can either pm me ingame on Xyliaz or Drdot or use Armory or CTProfiles.

Drdot /

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Shadow Destruction Warlock Empty Re: Shadow Destruction Warlock

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